Date: June 6, 2016

Toyfest in Kobrin, sponsored by PP Polesie JV, Ltd, has become a much larger event for kids this year with a trend to grow from year to year. This time the event gathered a pretty big audience, kids and their parents from all-around Belarus who dipped into childhood.
With more than 10.000 square meters of ‘Toy City’ area before Trade Center , for its young visitors any fun was available: riding the ride-ons, bikes, quads, paint on easels or try a variety of occupations on play sets such as builder’s sets, cars & trucks, sandpits, etc.
RC Drift model racing, attracting more grown-ups rather than children, was one more activity for those present at the event. Best ‘pilots’ from all the country showed their skills and serious training in this field.
Impressive tricks on the roller rink showed roller skaters whose hobby seemed to be more than a hobby but the way of life.
High speed keens enjoyed a karting race, organized by the event sponsors, the kart racers entered smoothly even the sharpest turns.
Water fun in 2 big pools with catamarans and bright Zorba balls was one of the most attended attractions during the event.
Play zone with inflatable trampolines looking like fairy tale castles was popular among the kids too.
Young painters had a nice opportunity to fully dedicate themselves to creating their masterpieces on easels and show their talents to those watching them painting. A kind of competition for the best painting will last till 13th June 2016. All the kids’ works are now available for voting on and Those getting most votes will be awarded presents by PP Polesie JV, Ltd.
Young singers and dancers contributed greatly in the atmosphere of the fest, cheering up the audience.
Clowns and animators wearing funny clothes brought a lot of joy for kids and played with them.

Such entertainments like balls, bowling, volley-ball and ping-pong were also available for kids during the event.
The event sponsor, PP Polesie JV, Ltd. organized a Toy Show of own items as well as the retro ones made decades ago.
One could also enjoy ice-creams, sweets, cookies, etc. at the open-air-café by the Trade Center Polesie.
More than 10 thousand people used the opportunity to dip into childhood on 5th June this year during the Polesie Toy Fest which, we hope, will gather more its fans from every corner of Belarus next year and the event will be even bigger.